Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Puzzle, Learn, Arrangement, Components  I recently got a chance to play with EDPuzzle, a web based site which allows a teacher to select a video, shorten it, add questions, assessments, etc so the student has to respond while watching the video.

 I logged on the other day using a google account and since I'd not used it before, it provided a tutorial.  In just a few minutes I had my first interactive video completed.  I thought I would share it with everyone.

After watching the final product, I noticed I could have put a couple questions at bit later but on the other hand, the first question is a good one to explore their prior knowledge.  Questions can require an answer, open ended or multiple choice.

I love the idea of assigning an interactive video to the students.  When students watch the video, it will automatically stop at the question.  It does not give them a choice to skip.  Students must submit an answer before it allows them to continue the video.  In addition, they do have the option to rewatch the part of the video, the question applies to.

This is a screen shot of the question.  It asks about the material just presented in the video.  As you see the only two choices are to submit an answer or rewatch.  If they push the submit button in the hopes of moving on, it won't let them.  It provides the message "Please, answer all the questions."  It will not let them go on without putting even IDK ("I don't know") in.

This means the students will do more than just "watch" a video.  They have to really pay attention to the material and they can work at their own pace rather than at someone else's including mine. The questions can be used to signal the information is important so perhaps they might want to make it a part of their notes.

It allows you to assign the activity to your students via google classroom.  In addition, its easy to see who has watched the video, their grade, when they last worked on the activity and when it was turned in.  This information can be exported as a Numbers document.

 You can also look at the individual questions to see who answered each question and how it was answered so you know who needs additional scaffolding, who should redo the assignment.  The information can also be exported in Numbers so you can see all the results.
I am impressed with this website.  It does not take long to find a video, cut it to the exact length, add the questions and assign it.  Just a few minutes.  Something I can accomplish in my prep period.  In fact, I can get a few done during my prep period.

I made the video using my iPad so I could not use the audio track or audio notes due to my lack of flash but I can use them on my computer.   There is an app for students to use to access any activities.  As long as they have a Google ID, they can sign in.  Not a problem.

I've been taking a class this summer where I learn to create interactive lessons and this is a perfect addition to the lessons because they are expected to be active in their own learning and this is a great way to do it.

Let me know what you think.  I'd love to hear from you.