Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Love, Feeling, Affection, Friendship  I am taking a class designed to teach people how to create Hyperdocs.  Hyperdocs is a document containing the lesson complete with all the links needed so the student can work through everything at his or her own pace.

Reading over other students first assignment introduced me to a website called Thinglink where you can create interactive documents.  This site allows you to annotate videos and images so when you click on something, you get a link or definition.

It turns a simple video or image into an interactive document which is easily explored by the student.  In addition, there is a library of already prepared activities or you can make one yourself.

Since math is one of those odd ducks, I've found many places do not offer as many opportunities in the library of shared activities but this site  has quite a few I can use in class.  I looked up slope, linear equations, quadratic formula, trig ratios, polynomials, end behavior, congruent triangles, finding the common denominator for fractions.  Every topic I put in, I found something already created I can easily use.

It's easy to check out any of the activities to see if it has what you want. If not, its just as easy to make a new activity.  There are tutorials in addition to lots of available help so you can do it yourself.  I tried making one on slope using a roller coaster and I didn't even look at a tutorial.  I just put it together and it worked.

This is the one I made in about 8 minutes.  I got the basic picture from pixabay because they are not copyrighted and are so easy to use.  I seldom actually  check tutorials, preferring to play with the program as I learn.  It is quite intuitive and I have no fears creating anything because it does not take too much time.

The basic educators license is free.  For me, its perfect because it allows me to have up to 100 students per account.  It has everything I need but if I wanted to enroll more students or needed more icons or custom features, I can easily upgrade at any time.

I like that I can set up groups of students and share activities via a code so I don't have to upload all their emails.  That makes it so much easier for me as I do not always have time to do that.  If you are looking for a new way of presenting information, check this site out.  It is great.

If you have any comments, or experiences, please share it. I'd love to hear from you.