Monday, June 3, 2013

Algeboats lite

Found a nice little game called Algeboats lite for students to practice evaluating one and two step equations.  There are boats with equations such as x-3.  On the dock are four loads each with numbers you could substitute in for x and there are four flags at the top with the answer to the problem based on which value of x you choose.  Once the value for the variable is substituted and the correct answer is put on the flag pole, the boat moves away. There are three levels, rowboat, speedboat and yacht and each level has three sublevels which are unlocked as the first sublevel is completed.  The student can get a fair bit of practice.  The only thing that might frustrate students is that the loads and the flags do not always move as directed and it can sometimes take a while before moving.
I mention games because my students love playing games and this is something that could be done when there is time left in the class after they have completed the assignments or done after the weekly quiz on Friday or perhaps to obtain an exit pass.
Games provide possibilities for students, especially the lower performing ones, to practice in a fun and safe environment.