Friday, June 14, 2013

HUP polynomials

I downloaded HUP's polynomial app.  It covers key concepts, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The multiplication and division parts focus on either multiplying or dividing a problem by a monomial.  Each page of the explanation has the problem, a visual representation of the problem and at the bottom of the page you can hit the button to access a video or you can try a problem.  This is a nice app that students can use for a homework assignment in a flipped classroom, or as supplemental material to help scaffold learning and it provides extra practice.
I am working on setting up my first subtext unit using a captured web page from on factoring.  I plan to integrate a video, questions, and a short quiz.  As I integrate technology into the classroom, I hope to increase student centered learning and decrease me being the one who does all the work.  When I have guided work in class, I think I am going to put answers into a QR code so I do not have to answer the constant "Is this right?"  
I am going to be rather sporadic with entries till July 11th.  I had to fly down to my parents house unexpectedly and my mother is still using dial-up.  In addition, her connection is always slow and not very good so I have to wait till I can get to somewhere with wireless.