Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hands on equations lite

When I first downloaded this app and opened it I was a bit disappointed with it because it only had a video for each of the three levels.  All other functions were locked and you have to pay for an upgrade if you want access to all the functions.  After some thought, I decided it is not a bad thing.  I watched the the first video and liked the way it used a pawn and a balance scale to explain solving for the variable.  This gives students a new way to view the process and it is a way to differentiate my instruction.  In addition, I can have students rematch the video as many times as they need.  Hmmm I could use this app as part of a center.
I know they use centers in elementary school but not as much in high school.  I just realized I could use many of these apps as part of a centers set up.  I have a classroom set of iPads that I could set up into centers using the app.  I would have to arrange for instructions that would have students do more than just watch the video.  They might have to answer questions, do some of the problems out of the video.
If you have used mobile devices as part of centers, I would love to hear from you.