Monday, August 25, 2014

My script Math Pad

I love this app as it provides so many possibilities for my students. This free app is actually a handwriting LaTeX generator and will take any handwritten mathematical equation into print.  It will allow students to create mathematical terms, expressions, and equations to put in comic strips, presentations, their own work, etc.  It means that many of my students will be able to create the material for anything we do in the ipad including for movies and podcasts.  This app is made by the same people who make my script calculator.
Ideas include
1.  Create a visual poster identifying terms, degree, etc.
2.  Make a movie or podcast using the mathematical expressions.
3.  Have a poster or picture or comic strip with someone showing how to solve the problem.
4.  Type the algebraic measurements for a geometric figure, import them into another picture and then solve.
5.  Can be used to prepare a presentation on keynote or haiku deck.
6. Can be imported to show the equation of a graph.
So this app has so many practical presentations for the math classroom and best of all it is free.