Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oh No Fractions

Oh no Fractions is a nice app from curious hat people.  This app allows students to practice comparisons, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division  in a limited manner with the free version.  If you desire unlimited practice you need to purchase the full version.  The nice thing about this app is that it relies on the use of manipulatives to show the answer rather than the numerical form.  Students must adjust the column to give the correct answer but there is also a show me choice if a student is unable to figure it out for them selves.  The division choice has the student flipping the fraction before having them work on their answer. 
I like this app due to its covering the five basic operations and it visually allows students to see the fractions so they have more than one way to see fractions expressed. Usually fractions are expressed in circles or small rectangles but this app allows students to see the fractions in a long narrow form.
This is a description of the app with selected screen shots.