Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Peer Teaching

Beautiful, Business, Computer, Female I saw something the other day on YouTube where students prepared the lessons in video form for each other.

Several years ago, I would divide the lesson up into parts and have the students prepare a lesson to share with the class.  Now I have iPads in my classroom so I could easily do this again with a technology twist.

So why not assign part of a topic to groups of students who will prepare a video, slide show, stop motion or other method.  They need the rubric with expectations and the grading scale,  a check list to make sure the material is covered, and time.

The projects should include a lesson with examples so students are able see the math being done.  There might even be guided practice problems or some other way students can practice.

Once the projects are finished, they could be uploaded to a school server so other students can access the material to learn.  There could even be a companion worksheet for notes or writing the examples.

This would allow students to check out the material at home or look at it in class.  The nice thing is that it encourages peer learning, helps develop vocabulary, improves their ability to explain math topics and  it helps increase student ownership.

Another project along these lines would be having students create posters online.  When students are restricted to a certain number of words, they have to decide what the most important ideas are.  The language becomes more precise and mathematical.  I've used posters for vocabulary but it could easily be used to summarize an idea of concept.

Just a couple ideas to encourage digital peer teaching.