Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Reviewing For The Final

School, Book, Science, Physics, Nuclear  Today, I ran a review in a couple of math classes for the final semester test tomorrow.  It turned out well. The students had a blast and they were totally involved in it.

Step 1:  I helped student create notes for each part of the final so they know the exact material covered, including examples and notes on specific things to watch for.  The notes have the arrows, the stars, everything so they are ready for the final note wise.

Step 2:  Give the students a set amount of time to create a set number of questions per topic and they have to include the answers.  I have them write one question on the front of a 3 by 5 card with the answer on the bottom.  So at the beginning of the activity, I pass out 8 to 10 cards so they have something to write their questions on and I have the cards to read.

Step 3:  I assign students to groups and hand out some blank paper while they get their notes and pencils together.  I ask each group a question and they have a certain amount of time to get the answer.  If the answer are correct, they get a point.  If they are wrong, they lose a point and its available to the others to answer.

It was amazing.  The students got totally involved.  Everyone worked the problems, helped each other and had answers just in case someone didn't have the correct answer.  Sometimes, a student would say, "I have this", give the answer and the others would yell out "Not right" before I had a chance to say anything.

This was awesome because they wrote the questions.  Each student put their name on the card so I wouldn't call on them to answer their own question.  I could hear the students helping each other, explaining how to do it.

This saved me a lot of prep work and each student was forced to check their notes, look at the material, create and answer problems.  I think it worked well as a review.