Friday, January 8, 2016

Trigonometric Golf

Golf, Golfer, Tee, Golf Clubs, Cool  Due to the basketball team traveling my Geometry class was much smaller than normal.  I found a lovey trig game called Trig Golf on the Math Interactive site in Alberta Canada.  Unfortunately, it does not work on the iPad.

So I projected it on my Smart Board so students could see the game.  In order to hit the ball to the next spot on the mini-golf course, students have to answer a set of questions designed to have them find Sin R, Cos R, or Tan R.

For each question, I assigned a finger value of 1, 2 or 3 such as 1 = opposite, 2 = adjacent, 3 = hypotenuse or 1 = Sin, 2 = Cos or 3 = Tan.  It was cool.  I'd show the question, read it out, give them a min or two to think about it and discuss it before asking for a show of fingers.

It was cool.  they really got into it and they were discussing things out loud and holding up fingers or calling out the answer without any prompting.   They loved it so much. As soon as we finished one hole and I shut it down so they could complete some work, they wanted to play another round.  I told them we'd do it Monday. 

It was an awesome use of the materials and the several students had lightbulbs go off in their heads.  That was great.