Friday, January 29, 2016

Ratio Infographics

Info, Infographic, Design, Information  I am revisiting infographics because I wanted more information on using them with ratios.  Since ratios are found all around us in activities such as sports, drinking, etc, I wanted examples so I could create an activity on the topic.

The first  example is on ratios in drinks.  I am not a drinker so I have no idea what goes into various drinks but this infographic was done in such a way, I could easily tell.  For instance, I found out that "Heavenly" uses amaretto, pineapple juice, white wine, blue curacao in a high ball glass.  The size of the font indicates the ratio of the ingredients. This particular one was created in a college class.

The second example shows the ratios for creating 38 different coffee drinks. The graphic shows the type of glass or cup, the size of the serving, the ratios of milk, flavoring, or even the type of coffee used.  I learned that a Black Eye is 4 oz of dripped coffee and 2 oz of espresso while the Vienna is 2 oz of espresso, topped off with whipped cream.  I don't drink coffee but there is one on chai tea so that makes me happy.

The next example has to do with explaining the different types of mortgage ratios. It is put out by a mortgage group.  In the infographic the debt to income ratios and the loan to value ratios are explained in detail.  This is nice since most high school students know very little about the mortgage business.

The final example focuses on McDonalds Liquidity Ratios. This would open a discussion on what are liquidity ratios and how are they formbed.

These are some good solid examples of ratios in real life and could easily lead to brainstorming topics that could be used to create infographics on ratios.  The students could then research which ratios are used and how they would fit into the infographic.  This type of discussion could help show which ratios work better than others.