Wednesday, January 11, 2017


The other day, a friend showed me this awesome thumb drive with a plug for ipads and iphones and a usb one.  It is called iPlugmate and its made by a company called HooToo.  I think he got it off of Amazon during one of their lightening deals.

I borrowed it to transfer some photos off of an iTouch to my computer and it was wonderful.  I didn't have to plug it in, bring up iPhoto, connect them and wait. 

I had to download an app for the free app and I was ready to go.
 As you can see it comes with a plug on each end, the i device on the wider end and the USB plug on the narrower end.  The caps are attached to the thumb drive so they do not get lost.

I simply plugged in the drive to my itouch and instructed the app so save certain photos on it so I could use them on my computer.  The first time I used it, it took me a bit to realize I had successfully transferred the material because the light indicating success is in the middle, right next to transfer interrupted.

Once the photos were transferred, I unplugged it and plugged it into my computer.  It was easy to transfer the photos into iphoto.  I ejected it just like any other thumb drive.
Here is a closer look at the plugs on this thumb drive.  It comes with 32 GB of storage which is enough for what I need.  I can see using it in class.

I often have students do things on the iPad and I have had students mail the presentation to me via e-mail but now, I can just pop it on here and directly transfer it. 

There are times our internet goes down so I do not have to wait till it comes up.  I can use it at home to transfer material from my i devices to my computer and back without hooking it up with the cord.

To say the least, I think it was a great investment for me.  If you've been looking for something like this, check it out on Amazon.  Just look for iPlugmate.