Friday, January 20, 2017

Algebra on Nudge- The App.

I recently stumbled across a really nice app called Algebra on Nudge.  It focuses on teaching students to solve linear equations right now but shows they hope to do quadratic equations in the future.

Students start with a problem and they can slide terms over to the other side as needed.  The work area is on the left while the computer shows each step completed on the right.

Notice the picture on the right has the problem and highlighted the term needing to be moved.  The student then puts their finger on the number and moves it to the other side.

Once on the other side, a key pad comes up and asks the student to put in the correct operation.

Once the operation is put in, the app puts the sign in so the student sees the complete step.

The problem goes translucent asking the student to complete the math so you are left with the answer to that step.

Once they finish the problem, they get a congrats and stars.

If a student makes a mistake,the program tells them immediately and circles the error.

The linear equations can be one step or multiple steps but it always shows the completed steps and shows errors.  I like this app and the best part of it, its free.