Friday, March 22, 2013

I am going to play this weekend.

I went to iTunes last night to check out the Math and Reading programs I mentioned yesterday. I found two more by SAS that I downloaded last night.  One is SAS data notebook which looks like the kids can create notebooks for class including a table of contents and the other is SAS flash cards.  Tonight I am going to download the two elementary apps and will report back on Monday.  It should be a fun weekend.
There was one more app by that company I plan to check out.   It states it supports paperless workflow and I would like to see if it works as advertized.  Once I see how the notebook, flashcards and gloss work, I can determine if I can effectively use them in the classroom.  Since I teach math, the kids generate quite a bit of paper.  It indicates that in one program the kids can do the work in a pdf and send it off but I'm wondering if I can grade it in pdf and send it back. So that is one aspect I will be exploring.  Gives me some things to think about.
I just read about a survey done that indicates math classes tend to use technology a bit more than the other subjects.  I found it quite interesting.