Thursday, March 21, 2013

Two math and one language arts apps

I received a note from NTCM and there was an article on two apps created by the SAS mobile education.  Both apps are for elementary, one math for grades K to 5 to help with number sense.  It is Math Stretch and described as a suite of activities.  I sent the info to a coworker and hope to hear from them.  The other elementary one is Read Aloud that reads a story and the child can follow the story as it is read.  The description states that there are 3 mode, read to me, help me read and read by myself.  I plan to download both and check them out.  I'll report back in a few days with my impression.
On the page, there is the SAS flash cards for high school students.  I want to check this one out as it seems to allow you to add pictures, voice, etc.  I don't know if you need the internet to use the cards or if it stands alone.
So this is one I want to check out for use in my classroom.
Enough for the moment.