Friday, March 29, 2013

Too much to do and not enough time

With high stakes testing coming up, I've been focusing more on the mathematics they need to pass the tests.  Unfortunately, I know I should be incorporating my technology into this more but due to pressure I end up resorting to standard teaching methods.  I was realizing today, that I could have taken the practice tests in PDF form, sent them to my students one page at a time, had to work on the problems, create explanations and mark up the forms with the information.  They could have sent the forms back so I could look at the responses to monitor their knowledge and understanding. 
I stumbled across a website today where the author of the article discussed having students create the questions for use with the clickers.  It was noted that many of the students created low level questions.  When I say low level, I am referring to Blooms Taxonomy.   Anyway,  this person gave up but I'm wondering if this could be done with my students.  I am wondering if I can have them create the answers and questions for a Jeopardy game using my SmartBoard. 
I have a few other outlets such as Quizlet and Survey Monkey to check out to create quick quizzes my students could take on-line.  I've read of one technique where you set up three or four quizzes for the week.  If the student passes the first time, they are done, if not they can try it a second time to see if they pass.  Its a mastery learning technique.  I know it uses a lot of paper and the kids like to "loose" it so I don't get them back. This might work better.  I plan to try it in two weeks due to testing happening next week.