Monday, March 25, 2013

SAS Flash cards and Read along

I had a chance to download and check out some apps from the SAS institute.  The first is Read Along which is for early elementary.  I showed it to a kindergarten teacher and an elementary reading specialist. They both like that the application allows three levels of reading.  First level, the program reads as the words are highlighted.  Second level the program only reads the words the students asks for and the third level for no help.  They plan to use them as soon as their mini iPads arrive.

Now for the big one.  I checked out the SAS Flash Cards and was suitably impressed with the application.  It offers more than most flash card programs I've used and offers enough choice to be happy.  When you make a new deck you can choose your subject.  For math, they offer two different possible types.  One is math and the other is a text, sound, and picture card.  The second type allows you to actually read the question, import pictures and add clarification. Once you've chosen the type of card, you may then choose the type of question.  You have a choice of multiple choice, fill in the blank, true or false or plain.
You have the choice to keep the deck private on the iPad or upload it to the SAS site to make it public.  Once you start using the flash cards, you have a choice of practice or quiz format.  The application provides scratch paper so you can actually work the problem.
The SAS site has lots of decks that people have made and can be shared if you want to see what is there.  I really enjoyed playing with the program and am going to install it on my classroom set of iPads.