Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This blog is coming about due to having to integrate more technology into my classroom and the desire to share my thoughts, ideas, experiences and other things that come to mind.  Just to give a bit of background.  I teach high school math in a small school. I know that school budgets are being cut and the expectations we as teachers face is increasing.  I hope to write about technology I stumble across for all grades and subjects but my main focus will be on math.

The technology I use in the classroom consist of a dual page SmartBoard, a classroom set of iPads and I have access to a cart of computers should I need them.   So I've done quite a bit with iPads including figuring what websites work with the iPad.  iPads themselves do not have flash or use java so many of the interactive websites cannot be used on the iPad.  This just means you find other means to share the information with the students.

Enough for the first entry.  Perhaps more tomorrow.