Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Including literacy

I have been working on figuring out how to include more literacy activities in my Mathematics classrooms and integrate the iPad at the same time.  I found some graphic organizers that can be used such as an anticipation set of comments/questions, a summery writing chart, a semantic map, possible sentences and a reading log.  I know I can scan these and use them via an app like subtext but I am wondering if I want to have students do all of these graphic organizers on the iPad.  The pros include the students sending finished work directly to me via e-mail, the typing is more legible than their handwriting, they do not loose the paper and they do not need to have a writing implement.  In addition, it uses less paper at the copy machines.  The con's is that they have to type the answer rather than write, the iPad can sometimes be more awkward to use than a paper and pencil.
This is something I have to work out and make a decision on.  I suspect I will end up splitting the times I use the iPad and have them write things out.