Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The iPads themselves

I am in the process of creating a list of apps to put on the iPads later this week.  I plan to have subtext, nearpod, and showbie on them as a way of creating a more paperless classroom.  I've thought about Showme or Educreations so they can create their own presentations as part of the project at the end of certain chapters.  I have several interactive games that will be put on because they will reinforce student learning and will actually provide scaffolding for the students who might be slightly behind.  I also plan to include the my script calculator because it can do most math calculations and I want the graphing calculator program so they can graph various equations.  I need to do some looking for a trig app for my College Prep math class.
On the other hand, I will probably put on a notepad type program or a word processing program so students can do more writing in this class.  Our school, due to lower scores, is emphasizing literacy as a way of bringing the scores up. This means I need to consider that as I choose apps.  I know subtext will allow me to create and use digital graphic organizers.  The only issue I have to overcome is the one where the iPads are being shared.  I am going to see if I can have it set up so each student must log in to use the iPad and a place to store his or her work inbetween.  I do know about Dropbox but the tech dept would not let us use it last year so I am trying to find an app or place that would allow each student to store his or her work under their own name from a shared iPad.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.