Saturday, August 31, 2013

Attempting to set up a link.

I am trading links with a lady and this is an attempt.  The other reason I am working on learning to set up a link is simply that I hope to set up a blog at school that will be for my students only.  I am thinking of doing it to let students see what we are doing in class that day so they can work their way through it.  This would be great for when I have a sub who does not know math.  This way I can post a QR, send them to the blog entry they need and place examples, links, etc so the sub does not need to know high school math.  I am trying to figure out if a blog or a wiki is going to work better.
The lady is Shelley Rolston and she writes the Perks of Teaching Primary Blog with some nice info for primary school.  Since I am a resource for the elementary teachers when the iPad minis are rolled out in the next couple weeks, I can refer them to her blog.  Enjoy