Friday, August 30, 2013

Using Free web based tools

I try to read communities on google plus to get more ideas and information.  Someone shared this link:  and I promptly headed off to take a look.  The tools are divided up by topic such as infographics, text to speech, etc.
First thing that came to me as I looked at the list was the question "Will these all work on the iPad?"  I found a website that allows you to create cartoons and I think I could use it in my class as part of the end of the unit learning menu but I have to make sure it will work on the iPads, otherwise I have to plan to use the computer lab if I want to use it or I have to find a cartoon app for the iPad so students can do that.  Yes I know there is a paid app to do comics.  I also saw Wordle there and I've played with it myself but if I use it, I have to ask the question of "What is the purpose of having the students use the app or website?" 
So now I am going to spend part of the weekend establish criteria for any apps or websites that I use to see if they have a real educational purpose.  I know that not every educational site or app is actually educational.
I'll report back early next week to share the criteria I have come up with and how I plan to use them in menu learning.