Thursday, August 15, 2013

More on navigation

I gave further thought to my thoughts from yesterday and the reason I looked at maritime navigation is simply that we live on a river about 15 miles from the ocean.  People here go to the ocean and up and down various rivers to go fishing, etc.  So there are apps for mobile devices and the boat captain said he has seen people using the navigation apps on their ipads to navigate on water.  This lead to the thoughts of are there GPS apps for mobile devices.  I checked and yes there are so that means students can have GPS access with them at all times.  So as part of our navigation unit, we plan to have the students learn and use GPS in a geocaching activity.  I am thinking for the math portion of the activity, students can calculate the distance between stops and write that down.  We can also give them a map with longitude and latitude to mark down the stops and show the distances between stops.  That is going to be awesome.  We probably won't do it till the end of the year, after state mandated testing is done.