Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dan Meyer's 3 Act Math Tasks and Assessments

Hook, Check Mark, Done, Ticked Off, YesI have been wanting to implement Dan Meyer's 3 Act Math Tasks because I've been very impressed with the ones I looked at but I've never figured out how to implement them.  I need to continue moving due to the amount of material I need to teach while trying to help students develop perseverance. 

Since I've switched from word problems to performance tasks, I do have a place I can slip these math tasks into the same slot I do performance tasks because they are another item to help build persistence.  I could easily spread this activity over two or three days.

I realized today that there is nothing in the rules that states I must give a test with all four parts in one class period. I should explain that I write the every test with four parts.  The first three sections have tests current materials while the final section covers previous material.  A student does not need to retake any part they pass.  This means if they pass parts 1, 2, and 4, they receive a 75 percent.

In addition, I have them select say four out of six problems.  I usually have one easy problem, one hard and the rest are medium level problems.  I find that some students do the bare minimum while others attempt all the problems so if they miss one, they have another chance to pass the section.

I’m playing with the idea of giving the test over four days, one part each day but only assign it after I do the warm-up and the day’s lesson with perhaps one or two guided practice problems.  I know many of my students suffer from big time test anxiety. 

Or I could set up the test in 4 sections on a web based test site or google docs so the students can take it on a digital device.  The test could be set up for answers only while they show the work on a scratch paper.  I think I'm going to administer my next test this way to see if my students do a better job and are less anxious during the test.