Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Math

Hand, Keep, New Year'S Day  I decided to check out the topic of New Years Math and actually found something.

The first website I found some great information on time zones, how many times the New Years is celebrated and when is it celebrated in Space.  Space is not a place I'd thought about before but there is the international space station so that would be applicable.

The second site is the Mathematicians New Year Resolutions from Math with bad drawings.  This is filled with humor concerning mathematics.  I loved the one about cleaning up my clutter which I would love to have as a poster in my classroom.

Then there is the Mathnasium site with a lovely new years card with the year done mathematically.  It does involve some higher level math but its still fun to see math used in a slightly different situation.  This is a tutoring site but the math is still there.

Of course you can check out the problem at this site on saving money for the next new year's with three different variations of the same problem. This particular site has tons of mathematically based tasks for k to 8 but the tasks come with possible answers, 

I am going to try to have my students keep track of how much they spend at the store each day, week, and month.  They buy tons of soda, chips, snacks and other goodies without keeping track of it.  I'd like them to discover they spend enough money for a trip to Los Angeles, Hawaii, or possibly even Europe in the space of 9 months.  This is my classroom resolution for 2016, help them see how much money they spend on soda etc.