Thursday, December 24, 2015

I Love Math

Love, Hearts, Valentine, Gloss, Red  I Love Math is a website with some really nice materials to use in the classroom.  It has not been updated in a while but the activities are still there as relevant as when posted.

The materials are divided according to class they can be used in such as Pre-Algebra, Algebra, or even Calculus, games and puzzles or classroom forms.  I've used many of the materials in my class.

I love exploring this site each year.  I found a lovely exploration for systems of inequalities activity which could be used to introduce the topic, to review, or even for scaffolding.  I plan to use it when I get back after the holidays to help students activate the knowledge they learned just before the Christmas holidays.  The activity has them find points on a graph and then classify the location as within the solution set for the first line, second line, both lines or neither line. 

I've used the classifying triangles activity in my Geometry class before.  It has students use protractors to measure angles and sides before requiring them to classify the triangles by sides and angles.  I like this exercise because it makes the students aware that triangles can be classified by both sides and angles.  You can have a right isosceles triangle!

I just found an activity I want to use to review the Pythagorean Theorem when school starts again January 4th.  The activity has several word problems students can work using the Pythagorean Theorem and the answers are included but not in order.  Its all set so I could easily set up a search and rescue activity or I could have students work the problems in groups.

There are some really nice review games sprinkled through the sections.  In addition, there is a section of forms which have some lovely forms I use in my classroom.  I like to keep a hard copy of attendance and I found one I like in the math forms.  I've also found a parent communications log and a form I adjusted for the daily warm-ups and practice standardized test questions. 

Give it a look to see if there is anything you might use in class.  Why start from scratch when you can modify?