Saturday, December 12, 2015

Look What I Found.

Children Learning, Video Games  Today I did a quick search for math website and found this really cool site.  It is filled with tons of interactive math games.  Interactive Sites for Education has a lists of interactive websites for a variety of topics.

I selected Geometry to check out first.  I tried a new one for learning reflection and it just didn't seem to work on my computer so I can't report on that game.  I'll try it on my iPad if my internet is up and working later on.

So I went to a different interactive game for teaching symmetry.  This one had two characters who spoke during the game.  It simply looked a the basics of simple symmetry which is a good introduction for students who are below grade level.

I tried a rotational symmetry exercise that turned out to be much harder than I first though because you have to create the pattern in the other three quadrants so as the axis turns, the pattern matches up.  I tried several times before I got it right.  It is nicely challanging.

I also checked out the Algebra section.  I tried the model algebra game where you learn to solve one and two step equations.  I tried one of the one step problems and it uses a scale so the equation is set up with the x and the constants.  Then using the opposite values you find the answer.  It is really easy to use.

I tried the Locating the Alien activity which has students finding the aliens and reporting their position by coordinates (x,y).  This is  a fun activity and I enjoyed it.  I can see using in my Pre-Algebra class to practice coordinates.  I can also see it being used as scaffolding in my Algebra I class. 

I don't know if they will work as well on the iPads but it does work on the computer.  I'll check it out and report back.