Thursday, November 6, 2014

Graphic organizers

I use Simple minds which is a free mind mapping app for the iPad as a graphic organizers for my students.  Today in Geometry, I had them start a new mind map titled Congruent Triangles.  We added two legs, one on Side-Side-Side and the other on Side-Angle-Side.  This way they have a graphic organizers as they work on the worksheet where they have to identify and then prove two triangles congruent or not congruent.
I am still figuring out how to do this particular worksheet using technology because I have them color each matching side or angle a different color.  This way it is easier to tell if all three sides match or if the angle is between the two sides so they can use SAS.  I've found in the past that if I just let them go ahead and identify the triangles without using the color, they do not take the time to look at the triangles and make more mistakes. 
We are just using a simple two column proof with statement and reason.  Since many of my students are classified as ELL, this simple proof gets them to practice their mathematical vocabulary and it allows them a chance to build a good foundation so when I move to a more complex proof, they can do it.