Tuesday, November 18, 2014

IXL more uses

Today my Algebra I classes were beginning linear equations so I had them use the guest feature of IXL and try 10 problems on identifying linear functions vs nonlinear functions.  I used this as the pretest for the unit and early next week, I will have them retake the test so I can see how much they improved.  I like being able to do a pre and post test although I do not always get a chance to use either as much as I like.
Then in my Geometry class, I had IXL on my computer and went to the section on using SSS and SAS to prove congruency and I projected problems on my smart board and had the students write down their answers on SAS Gloss on the ipad.  They would hold the ipads up so I could check answers.  They were pretty good at choosing SSS or SAS but not as good on any other reasons on the proof.  This tells me I need to work on their understanding of the reasons for why they can do certain things.  I then put up a couple questions on AAS and ASA just to check but I could not really use it as a pretest today so I think on Thursday I will have them do 10 questions on AAS and ASA proofs.