Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Project based learning in Math

I like to assign two to three projects a semester to students as a way of finding out how much they know and if they are able to transfer their basic knowledge.  I found this website that has 6 geometry projects that integrates technology into the project and requires students to utilize their knowledge.
The projects run from one on vocabulary to creating art that uses triangles.  I like the ideas that I find on other sites because I do not always have the background to create my own. 
The first project listed is to sell geometry.  In other words, they will form marketing teams to cover vocabulary, shapes and use in every day life.  This could be done using a pamphlet, a movie such as one for youtube, perhaps even a presentation such as keynotes or a slide show. This one has quite a few possibilities.
Another project is for older students to create either a book, presentation, etc to explain geometry to younger students.  This would qualify as peer tutoring and a literacy activity for all students.  I think I may do something like this when my geometry students are finished with their comic strips.