Monday, November 3, 2014

Math projects and the ipad.

I keep looking for ideas to use the ipads in my Math class and I found one on the edutopia website.  Its actually for a trig class but I think with some adjustments I might be able to utilize the idea in other classes. 
This is a project for trig in which students create a video on certain apps showing how they solved a certain problem in detail.  This one requires students to use right triangle trig to calculate height of an object or the speed of an object.  The goal is to write-up their work so that it can be duplicated by other people.  In addition, students has certain questions they had to answer within their presentation.  The logic for this is that many times people have to create presentations for their job where they convey specific information.
I could easily do this same assignment in my College Prep class or with a bit of adjustment I could easily use it in geometry.  Students need to see the connection between real life and the math that we teach.