Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Math 42 app

Math 42 app has two modes. The first is how to solve your own equations while the second is using it to practice various facets of math.
With in the solving your own equations, you can choose linear, quadratic, etc for this to solve.  I used x^2 + 3x +2 and although it came up with 1 and 2 as the factors, it showed solving it using the completing the square method rather than straight factoring. It does have a nice help button that gives you answers to most standard questions regarding use of the program.
First thing I did was try a simple combine like terms expression.

The app gives the user numerous choices on which step to look at.  The student can look at the answer, how to combine like terms etc.  So a student can learn by looking and by following the steps.
Furthermore, it allows students to solve linear, quadratic, derivatives, etc.  This is a nice way to have students check their work.
Further more, if you have the student click on the graduation cap, you are taken to the testing portion of the app. 

Students have a choice of training, test or other and its like a standardized test with multiple choices.  You can choose what type of math you want to prctice.  This app serves a double need in that it provides assessment and helps students learn to do problems so they can check as they go. 
Unfortunately, it will sometimes choose a method of solving that I would not personally choose, otherwise it does provide a nice app for ongoing assessment.