Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Technology and evaluations

Up until today, I did not realize how heavily into technology we now are.   I had my preconference and the principal asked for an indepth lesson plan with objective, etc.  He is the first principal to ask for one so one of the other teachers sent me a copy of her lesson plan via e-mail so I could use it for my lesson plan.  After I turned in the hard copy, he asked me for an electronic copy for him because the hard copy would be part of my file.  In side the lesson I have the students using the iPads to read QR codes with the warm-ups, they will be able to search for a leap second (yes it does exist.) as part of the warm-up.  They will be using the ipads to write down information before putting it on their papers so they are correct and I will have the guided practice on my smart board.  Although I do not use an app for behavior, I know many other teachers who do record behavior.
When I started teaching, we still had to request the films from the media center and have a projector to show the film on during class.  Usually, we had a student who knew what to do if the film studdered.  Now I just do a search on the web and show the video the same day or the next day.  I can find worksheets, explanations, step by step instructions and so many more resources than I ever had but it also means they expect me to use the technology in my day to day teaching.  So I have to make sure that whatever technology I choose to use is enhancing the learning experience and not there because I have to use technology.
I am on the committee whose job it is to rewrite the evaluation and I think we need to stick a component in that is strictly designed to look at the integration of technology even if it is just using a smartboard.