Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Back from holidays with lion grapher

As my algebra I class has just gotten back from holidays, I am reviewing how to find the slope.  Yesterday, I went through a smartboard presentation on the three ways of finding slope.  Today I had the students go to lion grapher to do the lion mode.

In this mode, they are given the formula as y = blank/blank + b up in the corner.  The students are expected to find b and then figure out the change from the y intercept to the lions head and write it as rise over run.  Once they have filled out the y/x values for slope, they can then hit the graph button and if the equation of the line is correct, then it gives them points and a new position of the lions head.  The only issue that may cause a problem is that it is timed and when students are first learning to use this program, they may only get one or two problems completed before they run out of time.
I see this mode as a nice way to head students towards learning to read the slope-intercept form.  Since slope intercept form is the next topic in this class, I feel that this app will help prepare them for the topic and make the transition easier.
I know I've spoken of this app before but this is the first time I've used it in my classroom.