Friday, January 23, 2015

Part 3 on Math 42 and warm-ups.

Today I tried the calculator section with both Algebra II and Pre-algebra.
In pre-algebra, I had students type in the expressions under similar terms and it showed them the answer once all the terms were combined.  They went to the combining tab and had them write down the work so they could see what was happening.  Next week I will have them take a quiz on the material to see if this helped them.  Many of those students struggle with math and have trouble figuring out what to do next.  I decided that I'll put some of these problems as part of the homework so they get additional practice.  The students loved it and the ones who struggled completed several problems without getting frustrated.
Later in the day, I had my Algebra II students use the same  app but with quadratic equations checked.  You can put in problems with an i and the answer is nice with the i.  In addition, it will take the square root but i shows up there as the square root of -1 with an actual square root sign.  This app will make it go faster for me when I need answers for their homework.  I try to put answers in the form of a QR code.
I just started using my warm-up to pre-teach material in advance of the regular class time so I can build a solid base.  I often also use those same problems as review for other classes and practice for others.  So between homework and warm-ups, my students are being exposed to a variety of materials.  I hope this helps them retain the material better for longer periods of time.