Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Working in scaffolding.

As I add different types of knowledge questions to the warm up and standardized test, I am discovering student weakness.  In my college prep class, one of my students admitted she has difficulty in using fractions.  Another who is on their second time through Algebra one said he had no idea how to do a problem that required him to subtract one trinomial from another.   Even some of my students have trouble remembering topics from one week to another.  I think beginning next week, I am going to try to carve additional practice time within the classroom so students can work on areas they are weak in.  I need to set up something in schoology or edmodo. so students can check for what I need them to work on so that I don't have to use valuable time telling them individually.
I don't spend enough time helping to shore up the weaknesses they have and that seems to get left by the wayside when I am planning things for my class.  It always seems like I have one more thing to do.
As I am writing this I  realized, I should give my students a test right now to identify the areas they need the scaffolding in.  I have a paper copy of a placement test but I need to investigate if there is an online one that goes with the books I have so I can just send students there rather than my having to type it into the computer.  I need to find a variety assessments so I can focus more on helping students have a better foundation in math.