Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fraction Basics and more on lion grapher.

Today, I had students check their math work by using the point mode for lion grapher.  Today students were finding the slope from two points.  After they completed the first four problems I had them go to lion grapher and use the point mode to check their work.

In this mode, they input the two coordinates and it graphs a line from one point to the other and expresses the answer in the slope intercept form.  I had the students read the equation to check to make sure the two slopes were the same.  Tomorrow, I will have them do this again to check work as I am hoping to create a connection between the idea of the slope formula and both the point slope and slope intercept equations.
My pre-algebra class is still struggling with fractions so I had them go to fraction basics, a free app, that has videos with examples so they can watch the videos independently. 

I like that they have the lesson and a separate topic for examples.  If you click on say equivalent fractions, it has a 4 min introductory video.  The next topic is examining fractions visually by multiplication, followed by the reasoning behind equivalent fractions, then a section on can we get equivalent fraction by division and finally, can we get equivalent fractions by addition or subtraction. 
What is nice is that it has several videos on each topic showing students how to do each part and they can listen to the video at any time and go at their own speed.  I used it today and the students started with dividing fractions. 
This particular class is a combined pre-algebra and algebra class.  I think I am going to have my pre-algebra work on this app while I give the main lesson to the algebra class so they get the scaffolding they need and be engaged in learning.  This allows them to work independently.