Thursday, March 5, 2015


We usually do graphing for linear equations, quadratics, etc from the book but we don't spend as much time having the students graph information from real life situations.  Since my pre-algebra are doing basic linear equations, I should have them spend time creating graphs from real life data so they can see a correlation between the data, the equation and the graphing.  If I add in technology, I can have students use a spread sheet to help create line graphs.  The spreadsheets would also give them practice in creating tables or data with input and output.  I could also have them create line graphs and bar graphs.  Perhaps I can even have them check the amortization for buying a house, a boat, a savings account, production of something local. 
For parabolas, dropping things out of a helicopter, firing a bullet, etc.  I think those types of things would be more interesting to my students and they need that connection.  Tomorrow I will share some of the sights I found with interesting activities.