Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tangrams, scrap books and MPG

I think I found an ipad app that will work for my geometry class.  I need to bring home the activity I've assigned my geometry class to see if it will work.  In addition to various figures, this app does have a square as the first item and I can move pieces around to make whatever figure I want.  So I plan to try other figures using that first choice.  In side, I also wonder if the students would loose the kinesthetic element when finding the solution if they are only using virtual manipulatives.  Once they finish each figure they can do a screen shot and create a book, a slide show etc to explain each figure. They could even import the screen shot into an that would allow them to annotate before using each shot.
I did find out that snowmachines and ATV's have odometers so I can have them figure out rough mpg for various models and then do a comparison between the theoretical and experimental mpg.  This would require internet research and they could provide information on an infographic, or a series of charts or other visual representation. Out here in the Alaskan Bush, people do not keep track of miles per gallon and do not know how.  I don't think my students even know the difference between the mpg on the sticker and what they are likely to get.
Finally, I am finding apps are a live safer in my combined pre-algebra/algebra I class.  My pre-algebra class is really struggling with fractions to the point that I am having to reteach adding or subtracting fractions with unlike denominators.  Since most of the pre-algebra students are classified as ELL (English Language Learners), I need to include material that can easily be read.  I have been having them go through a packet, IXL and Fraction Basics.  Fraction Basics is great because the study of fractions has been broken down into small topics such as the addition of fractions which is taught through the use of a video.  The next section after addition of fractions is filled with video examples.  In addition, each section has a very short review of previous material.  This was great because my pre-algebra students were on fraction basics so I could give review notes for an upcoming Algebra I test on inequalites  It was awesome.