Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Reading in Mathematics

I read something on the google about people not liking to read mathematics texts.  I can understand that thought because a mathematical statement can be quite information dense and most of my students are not taught to read mathematics.  I realized today that I am using normal reading techniques with my students rather than actually teaching my students to break down a statement into its component parts.  I need to start doing that beginning Monday.  I think I will have the students take a picture of a sentence off the board, import it into an app that allows students to write notes on top of the photo.  This way they can add notes to the photo and incorporate it into their over all notes.  On the other hand if the notetaking app already allows them to import photos and annotate them directly in their notes, then they do not need the extra steep.
This would give them a dictionary of sorts that could help them improve their mathematical reading skills so they are both more willing to read and to comprehend better what they are reading so they might do better in the subject.