Friday, March 27, 2015

Open ended questions and frustrations

I read on google plus Mathematics education about open ended questions.  I took one from under the real number system, adjusted it  and use it in my warm-up. It is simply requires that students only use the digits 1 to 9 without repeating any digits.  I put the boxes up there and usually include a total so they have a goal.  The students have helped define what is acceptable within the problem.  For instance, you cannot use -1 but you can use 2-3.  You can put (2 + 3) as one box but you cannot do two boxes with a ( ) around them.  I cannot use the digits in the answer and I cannot repeat any digits. When I ask for answers, students are quick to correct each other if they reuse a number.  I plan to use more questions from the website.  I love putting the basic equation on my smartboard so students can write the answers in the boxes and a simple click cleans it off.  They are really getting into this.
The big frustration I have simply boils down to many of the websites I want to use, cannot be used on the iPads because they use require flash or java.  I want to use the national site of manipulatives in Las Vegas,  The NCTM illustrations site, Manga High, and so many others that will not work due to java or flash.  Yes I know there are some apps that you can get to run the website programs but they don't always work well because it is being relayed and there is often a delay that can frustrate students.  In addition, if you have a very limited bandwidth within the building, the relay may not work well.  I would love to see these rewritten so that they can easily be used in the classroom on ipads.