Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pi day is coming up

In the past, I've had students research pi and how it is used.  In addition, they need to see where it is found in life because the 22nd squadron of the Royal Air Force has pi as part of their badge.  It was approved back in May 1936.  There are several articles on transforming the numbers from pi into a never ending musical piece.  Pi plays a part in the great pyramid in Giza.  In fact, a place in Indiana passed a bill declaring pi is 22/7.
Once students have gathered enough information, they can create an infographic, make an interactive book, a poster, a QR scavenger hunt, a music video based on the digits in pi, a video or podcast on the topic.  Why not even find out which famous people celebrate their birthday on March 14th?  There are so many possibilities.