Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The top 10 or 20 or 100 apps for teachers lists

When I was working on my masters, I discovered all sorts of technology you could use in the classroom.  My focus was on integrating technology into the math classroom and I would search out all sorts of articles and suggestions online.  Once I began practicing the integration, I discovered various lists of apps that were recommended for teachers to use in the classroom.  Some lists even came already sorted into levels of Blooms Technology.  The problem I had with most of the lists, is just that, they are lists with a description and price but not much more.  Even the apps recommended for the math classroom had the descriptions and price but not much more.  Most of the apps are for elementary school. 
What I would like is to see suggestions for using some of the recommended apps in a high school math class.  I see some of these apps and I would love to use them but have no idea how to use them.  I finally figured out how to use the app that puts a speaking mouth on something.  If I make posters of certain things like a slide to show negative slope, I can cause the bottom of it to speak and tell the student about slope. 
So if you publish a best list of apps, please include ideas for math teachers.  It makes it much easier for us to seriously look at the app.