Friday, March 6, 2015

Websites with real life type problems for graphing.

Math warehouse has two sets that look pretty good.  The first set is for linear equations and has the students write the equation associated with problems involving cabs.  Out where I am, the only cabs use a flat rate system such as $6.00 from the airport to the hotel and they often take 3 to 5 passengers in the cab to various locations.  These problems would help build a knowledge base for my students who are not accustomed to the way normal cabs charge.  After writing the equation, I can have them either build a table in a spread sheet and then graph it or I can have them create a graph on a graphing utility and then create the table by reading the graph.
The second set that the math warehouse has deals with dropping things from a certain height based on parabolas .  I like this because you can adjust some of the problems to discuss dropping supplies into an area that was hit by a tidal wave such as in Indonesia a few years ago.  The ones that deal with dropping something off a building, just change it to someone who is mischievous and then have them do the calculations.  Again, I can add in the spreadsheet, point graph or line graph.
I found this linear equation activity using bank deposits.  This activity focuses on straight deposits like in a piggy bank but could easily be extended to look at various interest rates to see how those effect the balance and could be done on a spread sheet.  This activity could easily be modified to discuss pay, theater or movie tickets, plane tickets, car rental, etc.
I am about to loose the internet for the afternoon so I will continue this tomorrow with one or two lesson plans/ideas tomorrow.