Thursday, April 11, 2013


On Monday I am going to assign my seniors a two day project where they will use iPhoto and the camera to create a short 1 to 2 min project on where and how logs and ln are ussed in the real world.  We have doodle buddy they can draw things on, notepad to type and a couple other programs to use.  I believe they can use iPhoto to create a slide show of sorts and that will be awesome.  I have to figure out the parameters of the project and write the rubric for Monday.  I will tell them they can use what ever apps are on the iPad and make sure they know how to do screen shots so they can use those to help make the presentation.
I am looking forward to the results and I will be sure to share them.  I found an app to animate things but it has limited uses unless you register at the website.  So I need to investigate that.  I know their attention is much better when they do things on the iPad, I just need to make sure they are learning the material rather than using it as a toy.
I think I might have found an animation app that is free.  I am going to download it tonight and hopefully try it out.  I will report back on it.