Saturday, April 20, 2013

update on two apps and a new one.

I spent some time going through the Boss T Maths I downloaded the other night.  It appears the one I found are just samplers rather than the full versions. The first one, Expanding and Factoring, shows you how to expand the distributive property or factor it from the expanded form to the original problem.  The examples are for a(b + c),  a(b-c),  (b+c)a and (b-c)a.  The app provides some vocabulary and a geometric representation.  Once you get to the practice problems, you can access the ones for the first examples but the others are locked and  you need to purchase the full priced app.  You can access the first practice problems for factoring ab + ac and evaluating ab + ac.  Again, if you want to any of the other problems you have to upgrade.  I was rather disappointed in that I was unaware of this being a lite version rather than the full version.
The special binomial products is set up in the same manner as the other.  You have to upgrade to access all parts of this app.  I think I could still use this effectively with my students for reteaching or guided practice using the examples.  Although I cannot access all of the practice problems, I can always create problems with the answers contained in a QR code so once my students have finished the problems, they can check their work.
I found a book making app Book Magic.  It allows kids to make their own books.  I can see this being used by elementary students to create books on shapes,  processes,  etc.  The app comes with basic shapes and it also allows the students to draw pictures, import photos or other material.  This is a bit too simple for older students.