Friday, April 19, 2013


I am looking at incorporating journaling in my math classes as it is important to include more writing in my class.  I found a nice program Journalize which I got on the day it was free.  It looks just like a journal but it allows you to import pictures, etc and I am thinking it would be great if I could have students keep journals in some manner so they can write about what they are having trouble with, write a letter to a penpal explaining what they did in class, create a drawing and import it.  Make it more friendly than the usual write it down on a sheet of paper or keep in a book.  Too many of my students loose their pencils, binders, etc.  The less paper I have to have them deal with, the more they turn in.
I found two programs from Boss T Math.  One is on the distributive property and the other is on special binomial products.  It comes with instruction and quizzes and seems to be done in a very mathematical way.  I have downloaded them and will play with them over the weekend.  This company makes 7 more and all but one are free at this point in time.  I'll give you a report on the two apps on Monday