Friday, April 26, 2013

Prime numbers

I keep hearing that we need to relate math topics to real life so students can see where the concept is used.  I had my 9th grade algebra I students go to Safari and research the answer to this question.  "How is prime factorization used in real life.  they found these answers.
1. Cryptography - developing and breaking codes
2. Internet security
3. Credit cards
4. Random number generators
5. breaking thing into parts
6. Magicians use them
I have a small class. Two of the students gave up on looking and one always takes her time.
This exercise gave them an opportunity to do research on a topic and find out more about real life.  I think I am going to integrate more of this next year along with having them write more.  My students score low on the writing and need to see you use it in other subjects.
I am hoping to do a bit of mind mapping on prime numbers on Monday.  It will help them develop some thinking skills they are low on right now.