Monday, April 22, 2013

Nice web site for use with the iPad

I use several math sites in my classroom but over the next few days I will focus on three of them.  Two of these can be used with the iPad and the third required the use of Rover the last time my students used it.  I'll talk about each of the websites over the next three days.
The first website is  After I've introduced a topic such as prime factorization, I will often use a QR code to send my students to read the material on the website.  Most of the topics have a small quiz at the end of the reading section which I have the students do.  I do not grade them on how many they got correct, only that they did it.  Its a second way to expose them to the information.
I was reading on a website that it is good to provide both written and verbal instructions so that when students are not listening to verbal directions and they ask "What am I supposed to do?  you can point them to the written instructions.  I have put the written instructions into a QR code and had the students use the iPad to read it. It actually worked quite well. 
The same website suggested giving students choices in the classroom including choices of writing prompts.  I am going to try the writing choices out with the Journalize or the Notes program.  I am having fun trying to find ways to increase writing in the Math classroom. 
Tomorrow will be