Monday, April 15, 2013

logs and volume and surface area.

The project started off well.  One young lady discovered that they use logs in regard to determining pregnancy while the other discovered it is used for carbon dating of artifacts.  So they both had a great start.  I am going to do some research to see if I can find a website to help the geometry class work more on calculating surface area vs calculating volume.  Due to having to take time off, I did not use my usual introductory lesson on 3 dimensional shapes where I have them build actual models out of construction paper, and tape.  I need to find a program that will allow students to put pieces together to create 3D shapes on the iPad.  For instance,  a cylinder is made from two circles and a rectangle.  I use this lesson to help my hands on  and visual learners to see how the formulas for SA and Volume relate to the object.

I found a website  which shows in wonderful detail how to find the surface area on various 3 dimensional shapes with a quiz to take afterwards for each shape.  This works on the iPad so I'm going to have my students try it tomorrow to see if it helps them increase their understanding for finding surface area.